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  2019年10月10日的雅思写作预测,明天就要考试的同学有没有想法看看呢?接下来就和广东快三跨度 —首页-国留学网来看看2019年10月10日雅思写作福彩快三手机下载—考试预测。

  1.Some people think it is a valuable experience to travel abroad, whereas others believe it is a waste of time and expense since people already have TV programs and the internet nowadays. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

  2.People's shopping habits depend more on the age group they belong to than any other factor. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  3.Interview is the basic form of selecting procedure for most large companies. Some people think it is unreliable and there are some other better methods. Discuss and give your own opinion.

  4.Economic growth in in recent years made some people in both developed countries and developing countries richer. However, research showing that while people in developing countries are happier, people in developed countries seems no happier than before. Why? What can we learn from it?

  5.Educationalists think that the program of international exchange visits would benefit all students. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  6.Some people believe that university education should focus on the skills of employment for the future. Others think should focus academic study only. Discuss both views and give...



  雅思阅读的预测,是一个不错的测试自己的水平的方法,这次广东快三跨度 —首页-国留学网整理了2019年10月10日雅思阅读福彩快三手机下载—考试预测,希望对大家有帮助。

  文章题目 Ocean power

  重复年份 20150829A 20091024

  题材 能源

  题型 选择 3+配对 5+句子填空 5

福彩快三手机下载  文章大意 本文介绍了各种海洋资源,包括了潮汐能、洋流能、波浪能和海底热能。。



  在海洋中建立 Tidal power plant 的 positive effects?

  A. A range of sea shore

  B. cost of establishing a tidal power plant

  C. it is helpful to establish transportation system

  D. effect of fish and some other sea life around

  文章题目 Paper money

  重复年份 20140927 20120412 20060429 20050115 20041127 20040522

  题材 发展史

  题型 段落信息配对题 5+多选题 2+判断题

  文章大意 介绍了纸币的发展史,纸币是如何从硬币发展成纸币的,以及历史上的一些



  第一段:古代人们是怎么交易的,提到了 Sumerian 人用 barter(物物交换)的方式交易.(此段

  有一道 T/F/NG 题,专考 barter 这个词)



  对于2019年10月10日的雅思口语预测,正在备考雅思的同学可以去看看,那么接下来就和广东快三跨度 —首页-国留学网来看看2019年10月10日雅思口语福彩快三手机下载—考试预测。


  1.Do you often use maps?

  Yeah! Of course. I'm always using a map while traveling in Shanghai basically because Shanghai is too big and complicate for me to find the right place. Usually, I would install a map app in my mobile phone previously.

  2. When do you use a map?

  When I was traveling outside my hometown, I used the map frequently. Not only from the map can I know the destination but also I can have a rough picture of the city.

  3.Who taught you how to use a map?

  Well, my friend Tommy taught me how to use the map. Before that, I could be totally lost when I am traveling by myself. I learnt how to read map fast because he was a good teacher and was really master of using maps.

  4.Do you prefer to use electronic maps or those made of paper?

  I prefer to use electronic maps to those made of paper not only because the former is more convenient and easier to carry than the latter, but also because electronic one...



  明天就要进行2019年10月10日的雅思考试了,今天大家可以看看这次的雅思预测题,希望对你有帮助,那么接下来就和广东快三跨度 —首页-国留学网来看看2019年10月10日雅思听力福彩快三手机下载—考试预测。

  Section One

  场次 20150618 20110118 2007

  场景 学校咨询

  题型 填空 10

  内容概述 介绍一所小学,咨询学校

  填空 10

  1. from 8:10 to 9:00am

  2. school will contact parents on the emails/phone

  3. parents can attend art course with their kids

  4. next gathering for parents: July

  5. new gym next to the canteen and sport fiddle in the back

  6. need not wearing uniform that with name on the coats,comfortable shoes

  do not wear boots.

  7. Activities: cooking, music and chess

  8. day trip: 8 summer camp in Countryside

  9. a professional dentist emergency took place

  10. Students when they ride bike to school wear bright clothes and a helmet.

  场次 NEW

  场景 Sports

  题型 单选 6,配对 ...



  2019年10月12日的托福考试只有半个月了,同学们感觉对于这一次的托福考试有没有把握呢?在这个最后的冲刺阶段,同学们就和广东快三跨度 —首页-国留学网来看看2019年10月12日托福写作福彩快三手机下载—考试预测。

  you agree or disagree with the following statement: All university students should take basic science courses regardless of their fields of study.

  you agree or disagree with the following statement? The rules that the whole societies today expect young people to follow and obey are too strict.

  3.(A卷)Some people think that it is an important part of a child’s education to go on field trips (for example, museums), other people think a child’s time is better spent learning in a classroom at school. What is your opinion?

  h way do you think is the best for a student to make new friends. a. joining a sports team, b. participating in community activities, c. traveling.

  you agree or disagree with the following statement?It is a waste of money for government to spend money on space travel or space exploration.

  order to attract more tourists, the government could either improve safety by hiring more police or improve its appearance by repairing old buildings and streets. Which way do you think is more effective?

  you agree or disagree with the following statement?

  Grandparents cannot give useful advice to their grandchildren because the world of today and the world of 50 years ago are too different.

  h one is the most important for teacher of high school? The ability to help students plan for their future; the ability to fi...



  2019年10月12日的托福考试只有半个月了,同学们感觉对于这一次的托福考试有没有把握呢?在这个最后的冲刺阶段,同学们就和广东快三跨度 —首页-国留学网来看看2019年10月12日托福阅读福彩快三手机下载—考试预测。


  By the mid-nineteenth century, the term icebox had entered the American language, but icewas still only beginning to affect the diet of ordinary citizens in the United States. The ice tradegrew with the growth of cities. Ice was used in hotels, taverns, and hospitals, and by someforward-looking city dealers in fresh meat, fresh fish, and butter. After the Civil War (1861-1865),as ice was used to refrigerate freight cars, it also came into household use. Even before 1880, halfthe ice sold in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and one-third of that sold in Boston andChicago, went to families for their own use. This had become possible because a new householdconvenience, the icebox, a precursor of the modern refrigerator, had been invented.

  Making an efficient icebox was not as easy as we might now suppose. In the early nineteenthcentury, the knowledge of the physics of heat, which was essential to a science of refrigeration,was rudimentary. The commonsense notion that the best icebox was one that prevented the icefrom melting was of course mistaken, for it was the melting of the ice that performed the rtheless, early efforts to economize ice included wrapping the ice in blankets, which kept theice from doing its job....



  托福口语的预测可以说是整个预测中最有效果的,即使没有预测到真题,大家也可以自己测试一下自己。下面就和广东快三跨度 —首页-国留学网来看看2019年10月12日托福口语福彩快三手机下载—考试预测。



  标题:Open a child care center

福彩快三手机下载  变化:学生建议在学校开办 child care center 一来可以帮助老师和学生看孩子;二来可以帮忙教孩子。



  原因 1:可以减轻有孩子的教师及学生的负担,而且费用比起城里的托管班便宜,可以节省开销。

  原因 2:还可以给男生所在的 children education department 的学生提供实习机会,有利于获得教学经验,可以写进简历,应聘时被录用几率高。"




  变化:上课时间从 8am 改为 9am。福彩快三手机下载1.让学生睡更久,精力充沛更利于学习。福彩快三手机下载2.教授有更多时间准备课程。



  原因 1:如果学生知道不用早起自然会睡得更晚,实际上会减少休息时间。

  原因 2:教授那个时间正好赶上早高峰,反而在路上浪费更多时间。






  托福预测是很多同学在考前必看的,这样既可以看看自己的水平怎么样,而且,说不定真的可以帮上忙,那么下面就和广东快三跨度 —首页-国留学网来看看2019年10月12日托福听力预测。







  6.实习-job interview

  7.论文-fairy tales





  4.生态学:斑马贝 zebra mussel